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Services for Higher Education

Articulate Training offers a number of solutions for international students in American universities. Our goal is to provide them with the soft skills necessary to make them competetive upon graduation

Class Structure

Class structure is flexible, presented in a seminar format which can be adjusted based on the needs of the organization. All pragmatics and accent reduction material is in module form. We work with each client to create a customized training plan, choosing and structuring the modules which best fit their goals.

Pragmatics modules typically include videos (of business communications experts modeling target behavior), discussions, engaging activities and simulations of real-world situations.

Accent reduction lessons are carefully chosen to acieve the maximum benefit possible in a short time frame. Lessons integrate concise explanations, inventive techniques and ample opportunity for practice.


Articulate Training's unique teaching materials are designed specifically to tackle the communication challenges faced by international business professionals. Each student receives:

  • Our class manual: The Pragmatics section provides lots of background and insights into American communication norms, with an emphasis on strategies and phrasing. The accent reduction section provides supplementary material and activities to strengthen the students' new habits.
  • Practice DVD: Models American pronunciation of common words and phrases and reinforces what's been taught in class. (accent screening plus limited pragmatics screening)
  • Learning aids: Items used in class to support learning.