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Communications Training Manuals

Soft Skills for Hard Situations - $25

There is a very strong social element in American business. This book will give you the social savvy you need to achieve your goals. Work experience and education are key in getting that first interview--but it is your soft skills that will earn you the job offer and give you success in the workplace.

Through this book, you will learn ideal communication techniques for specific situations. You will present yourself more confidently, strengthen your relationships with the people around you, and perform more effectively in your career.

You Can Talk the Talk - $20

Are you sometimes frustrated because Americans don't understand what you're saying? The reason people in the U.S. have trouble understanding you is because you don't talk the way they do. This book will help you fast-track the acquisition of an American accent by addressing those techniques and strategies that will have the most profound impact on your intelligibility.

Start using an American accent and be understood all the time!